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Our Teamwork

Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.​

Anavil believes in people. Employees are the most valuable asset. Inspired by the core value of pursuing excellence, Anavil people share a vision of delivering excellent products, services, and supply reliability to our customers. Everyone's abilities, knowledge, and experience can't be replaced; and our unwavering dedication has been continuously ensuring Anavil's success. The management team truly appreciates everyone's contribution. We're dedicated to create and maintain a healthy work atmosphere that supports us to perform in our jobs effectively.

Anavil Team FB

Fabrice Bureau
Managing Director


Lionel Koos
Sales & Marketing Director

Good salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help customers win.

Anavil Team TV

Tanguy Villechenoux
Executive Office Manager

Coming from factory backgrounds, our thorough understanding of the production process allows us to achieve high production efficiency – with the optimal combination of inputs to produce maximum output for the minimum cost.

Anavil Team VC

Vincent Cheung
Merchandising Manager

Our comprehensive knowledge and vast network of providers connect in the ecosystem, benchmarks vendor capabilities across technologies that aids in devising appropriate strategic sourcing.

Anavil Team PL

Pascal Lacraberie
Design & Product Manager

With years of experience in furniture, our design team knows the market trends in terms of aesthetics, functions, and materials. We help turn clients' ideas into a product adjusted to their market.

Anavil Team GD

Gaspard Degiovanni
Quality R&D Manager

Quality management is the core element of any manufacturing process. At Anavil, we're dedicated and committed to helping customers to increase the speed and quality of decision-making, improve transparency, traceability, and auditability. Most importantly, to reduce risk, and improving efficiency and overall supply chain management.

Anavil Team CM

Carol Mok
Head of Marketing

Instead of one-way interruption, our marketing strategy is about delivering useful and valuable content at precisely the right moment when our customer needs it.

Christophe Dantzer_edited.jpg

Christophe Dantzer
Business Development Manager

At Anavil, product development is a joint initiative where we work closely with our clients to develop products that meet their specific needs. This approach is valuable when we share complementary technology, and possess complementary market knowledge, as well as our technical expertise.

Co-worker Stories

At Anavil, our team consists of individuals with unique and differing experiences but with similar value, belief and goal. We encourage employees to pursue their professional and personal passions. Let's explore a few of our co-worker stories to share their unique and rewarding journey.

Design3D - Copie.jpg
Co-worker Story - GD

Gaspard Degiovanni
Quality R&D Manager

“Anavil, my first employer in China, gave me the opportunity to discover a completely new culture and way of life!”

16 Years at Anavil

Gaspard is currently the R&D & Quality Manager at Anavil. He joined Anavil in 2005 after his studies in one of the best engineering schools in France (ENSAM). With over 16 years of experience at Anavil, Gaspard has witnessed and took part in the development of Anavil since its first factory in Asia.

New Culture and Way of Life

Working at Anavil was not only a professional opportunity for Gaspard but also a chance for him to discover a completely new culture and way of life. Moving from France to China to join Anavil exposed Gaspard to a brand-new environment that allowed him to learn and appreciate the new culture. Anavil’s supports and opportunities also help Gaspard to find a work-life balance. 

Personal and Team Development

Proud to work in a company in constant evolution, he is always motivated to support the changes! Working on new projects, taking new responsibilities, and facing new challenges are something that keeps Gaspard excited. It sounds strenuous to tackle new issues after another, but to Gaspard, this is necessary to keep out of routine: challenges build experience and keep you sharp.​

On top of this, he is also grateful for the new skills he developed throughout the years with Anavil.​

A few years ago, Gaspard’s team developed a modular range of bathroom furniture - Meltem which was the first of its kind to be available in one of the largest French DIY retailers. It was a huge challenge in terms of development and became a great success for both parties. 

The Future

Gaspard believes that China is moving incredibly fast, with new technologies, know-how, materials, appearing all the time. Adding to this the dynamism and will to succeed of people and it is to him a workplace without comparison: the place where things are happening.

Anna Xu
Marketing Intern

As an Intern at Anavil

This fast-paced internship experience at Anavil allows me to build up a unique skillset for future opportunities, develop valuable and professional connections within the industry while accumulating strong organizational and planning skills.

Digitalization Transformation

The transformation from the traditional business model to the digitalized mode is not easy, especially for the furniture industry. I was so fortunate to be a member to participate in Anavil’s digital transformation process since Anavil is moving ahead of many of its competitors. Making everything virtual is not as easy as many people think, it takes countless time and numerous efforts to strive for continuous improvements. Digital content marketing was something new to Anavil, and I appreciate the opportunities offered by Anavil to conduct research projects on starting its B2C E-commerce project, which is helpful to an intern to jumpstart a career in digital marketing. Website content building and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) were only what I learned in previous school courses, but I don’t have opportunities to go deeper and understand its breadth and depth.  As a Marketing Research Intern of Anavil, developing content, evaluating new sites, researching & analyzing on e-commerce platforms, and investigating potential clients/competitors/suppliers are all practical and valuable experiences for me to understand e-marketing. 


Understanding the Industry

With neither the furniture industry nor international trade experiences, the internship experiences in Anavil enable me to learn more. Due to past study and working experiences, I deeply understand that it is hard to fulfill every unique need of customers with high satisfaction.

However, due to the corporation of all Anavil’s Furniture Specialists including the Designing; Quality Assurance and Merchanting teams, I could see that Anavil’s team is able to complete all client’s request and go above their expectation, which makes me truly understanding that providing high-quality services is a business’s key of success.

Being socially responsible is also vital in the industry. Not only for the purpose of passing the quality or any associated test, Anavil’s team truly understands the urgency and importance of being environmentally friendly. Therefore, sustainability is always the top priority in Anavil’s furniture manufacturing process.

Personal Growth

Approaching new potential business/commercial buyers is a daunting task, developing marketing leads and generating conversions sounds impossible to an intern as well. However, Anavil is willing to offer me opportunities. I was able to improve my communication and interpersonal skills due to regular contacts with various third-party service providers and potential partners.
The internship experiences at Anavil allow me to gain real-world experience and insights into the industry. Despite having no previous experience in marketing, my time at Anavil inspired me to explore further work terms in marketing and trading. I deeply appreciate my experience at Anavil which make me found marketing a really appealing career path and help me realize my passion for it.

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